The Beach Wedding Photographer

Your perfect beach wedding photographer in Mauritius, Reunion Island, Seychelles, South Africa and Dubai

Since 2001, Elie Bernager, an expert photographer with a long career as fashion and beauty photographer, captures beach wedding pictures, with moments full of energy and humor. He moved in Mauritius with his family with the aim of experiencing a different lifestyle and discovered moments of shared emotions and complicity while capturing the wedding day of some friends living in Mauritius. ‘Un Mariage au Paradis’ (A Wedding in Paradise) appeared as a revelation to him. The happy environment and the couples full of energy help him in creating scenes with loads of joy, energy and humor. His very aim is to capture the abundance of life during this very special day, where newlyweds will appear relaxed and joy-filled. 
His way of working is simple. He first sees the image that he wants to project and together with the couple, they create a spontaneous scene filled with joy and happiness. Posed pictures and traditional beach wedding photos are transformed into wedding pictures full of opportunity for spontaneity. Elegance, joy and beauty are the reflection of a perfect beach wedding day. Creating a memorable photographic moment within a breathtaking setting, the perfect beach wedding photographer likes creating the dreams of happy and elegant people. 
Dreaming of a day that you will remember forever, a day in paradise? Consider a wedding by the beach in exotic destinations such as Mauritius and Seychelles. Guests and newlyweds will feel equally relaxed within a beach setting. Getting married by the beach allows wonderful pictures that will remain forever authentic. Elie Bernager makes sure that happy faces, the white sandy beach and the turquoise sparkling ocean are the key elements used to reflect the abundance of life. Sunshine, happy people, sea, sand, humor and love are all you need for an unforgettable beach wedding photography.

Destinations proposed for wedding photography

Apart from the paradise island of Mauritius and Seychelles which are surrounded by the fine white coral beaches, our expert wedding photographer also offers his service in Reunion Island which is located next to Mauritius, South Africa and Dubai. Having many years of experience in the beach wedding photography field, Elie Bernager will be the ideal photographer to guide you for your memorable wedding on the beach and as well as making your wedding moment be unique. To have a better idea, visit our portfolio page where you will discover some of the albums of our happy couples.