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May 02

Top things to remember when you're getting married in Mauritius

Mauritius is not only a magnificent island full of emotions, with vibrant scenery and culture. It goes way beyond those fascinating facts and has its say about weddings. Have you taken the decision of getting married in Mauritius? The whole point of it is that you can be sure to leave your worries behind. Here are a few things to remember when planning a destination wedding in Mauritius:

  1. Civil marriage procedure is pretty simple in Mauritius. Do not rush the process. Only 6 weeks are needed to organize your wedding. To be on the safe side, allow 6 months.
  2. Have your birth certificates re-issued within 3 months of your big day in Mauritius.
  3. If you are divorced more than 10 months, provide a copy of your decree absolute.
  4. The law in Mauritius requires 2 witnesses. Those can be arranged upon request.
  5. Once your decision is made, the best is to book yourself in a hotel that has experience in hosting wedding packages. Mauritius Island offers a wide selection of hotel deals for couples.
  6. When your hotel is chosen, make sure there is a wedding planner at hand to help in the organization of your dream wedding, finding you the right location, giving you precious advice, which leaves you stress-free.
  7. Choosing to get married in Mauritius does not only have to be by the beach. It can be in a beautiful botanical garden, a sumptuous interior, church or at the civil registrar. Your hotel will have specific locations available for you to choose.
  8. Remember sand and lace wedding dresses are not a good match.
  9. Be aware of the humidity in summer. Prefer cotton.
  10.  October is one of the best months to get married because of its perfect climate and temperatures. May is also an attractive month; it is the end of summer and the beginning of the pleasant Mauritian winter. If you are planning to get married on a boat or an underwater wedding photography, be assured the water temperature varies from 21oC to 27oC all year round. The cyclone season is from January to March. Avoid the south and the east in July-August as the wind blows stronger in these regions and it can play havoc with your wedding photography. 

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