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Questions to your wedding photographer
Apr 13

Frequently asked questions to wedding photographers

Every bride and groom wants their wedding photo to be a true reflection of their big day, joy-filled and emotion-filled. All professional photographers want to deliver photos which meet the expectations of the clients. How many times did I hear newlyweds say that they wanted this photo but the photographer did not capture it? Surprisingly, I also often hear photographers speaking about the bride being upset, trying to understand how on earth was he supposed to know those details if it was not communicated to him. Here is a list of questions I suggest couples ask their potential photographer. I have personally learned to be prepared for odd questions. So, do not hesitate to ask them.  

  • Today, thousands of people with fancy cameras call themselves photographers, is wedding photography your main business?
  • How long have you been a wedding photographer?
  • How would you define your style?
  • What makes you unique and distinguishes you from other photographers?
  • Can I see a list of references?
  • I have some ideas – can you follow these?
  • Can we see a complete set of photos for a recent wedding?
  • Do you have backups if your camera develops a fault?
  • Have you ever worked at our venue before?
  • What if it rains?
  • Do I get digital copies of my photos?    
  • Do you have a plan if you are unable to attend due to sickness or unforeseen circumstances?
  • How much do you charge and for how many hours?
  • If our wedding last longer than scheduled, will you stay and is there an extra charge?
  • When can we expect to see the photos after the wedding?

I came across different kind of questions but these are the frequently asked questions. I must say that the most surprising question among those is the one about the references, but I came to this understanding that for a happy bride and groom, it’s always a good idea to speak to one or two of my previous clients asking them if I showed up on time, I dressed appropriately and if my photos were as promised. If your potential photographer is a professional one, he must not worry about providing references.

I hope these questions will help you find the kind of photographer you want for your wedding. You can also contact me, send me back these questions or read more about my interview to check if I can fulfill your expectations. 

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