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Destination wedding
Oct 05

Top tips for a successful destination wedding

Your wedding is a milestone you will remember forever. Sometimes, to take a break from the stress of planning a traditional wedding, some choose to fly to a far off place, with their dream location as backdrop. Destination wedding proves to be one of the most romantic ways to tie the knot. Do you dream of marrying your better half in a breathtaking location, far from home? One thing I can guarantee is that nothing can beat the romance, adventure, excitement and fun that come along. We all have an idea of how perfect a destination wedding can be. Here are some useful tips that will help make your destination wedding even more excellent.


Choose a destination loved by both

When it comes to a destination wedding, this is the most crucial task. Make Sure to include your partner while considering a wedding location. Keep in mind the budget, the travel time, the theme and mood you want to set. Choose the destination agreed by both.


Go for a trip at the preferred destination

I recommend going for a trip to your preferred destination before the big day. Unfortunately, a mere look at the photos and videos online does not always reflect the real beauty of the location. It’s also a good occasion to check out hotels and wedding planners.


Choose the right timing

Choosing the perfect season is important to set up the right mood for your destination wedding. If you have chosen a tourist destination for your wedding, make sure that your date does not overlap with the tourist season. Else, you may have to review your budget.


Your venue deco and set up

Give a thought to your venue deco and styling. We all have a theme and a picture in our mind when choosing a destination wedding. Take time to discuss with your planner so you can bring out the theme you will like the best possible way.


Inform your guests earliest possible

A wedding away from home requires prior information. I will encourage you to inform your guests 9-10 months before the wedding day so they can make arrangements.


Look for a photographer at destination

To make your destination wedding memorable, hire a professional photographer that will capture the raw emotions of your special day, one that knows the place well and that’s been capturing several weddings at the same destination. 

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