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How to ruin a wedding day
Apr 01

6 ways to ruin your wedding

Your photographer has been booked; all is finally set for your wedding day?  Here is a list of things we don’t often think about and which can definitely ruin your wedding photos.


Don’t try to be a jack-of-all-trades on your wedding day

You have hired a wedding photographer to do what he does best, what he is experienced for. Let him do. Do not work out a long list of photos you want with different family members, where you want them, be it by the bridge, before leaving home or in front of the venue. Let the photographer find the best spot and choose a photo manager, it can either be a friend or a family member, to help organize group shots and to make sure the photographer gets photos of the guests and families.


Your guests’ gadgets

Did you know – your closest family and friends, those who love you and want to be there, can also ruin your special day, simply by using their gadgets and tech – phones, iPad, camera and selfie sticks. For this reason, unplugged weddings now exist. They aim at asking guests to refrain from using their phones because you have a professional wedding photographer. This trend became popular, as often in weddings ceremony, guests will jump in front of the photographer when he is capturing a key moment and ruin what would have been a lovely image.  This can be very frustrating to a professional photographer as he will most of the time have a better shot than the one captured by the guests. It then becomes more challenging to put together a beautiful story. In addition, smartphones can ruin your first-look photos. Ask your family members not to post photos on social media before the wedding, such as 'the bride is ready' or 'the groom is ready'. Prevent the bride and groom from having their first-look on social media. 


Be careful about microphones

One little detail you’ve got to be careful about: microphones and cables. I’m not telling you not to have a sound system and a microphone set up. Everyone needs to hear you. Just make sure that your cables and microphones are discreetly set up, in such a way you can only hear them and not see them. Keep them out of the way so they don’t stand out in your wedding photos.


Food choices

When making your food choices, picture your wedding day. Is your wedding a formal sit down meal or an outdoor relaxed one? For example: make sure the food is not complicated to eat and that toppings will not fall out.


Sunburn before your wedding

Avoid going on summer ‘holidays’ just before your wedding. You don’t want to ruin your wedding photos with tan and strap lines. You want to be the most beautiful and not turn red like a lobster.


Not keeping your pockets empty

Guys are kings at carrying everything around them in their pocket, be it keys, wallet or phone. As a groom, you do not really need those on your special day. Have empty pockets! Keep your wallet and keys in the safe hands of someone else.

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