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Jun 24

What does a photographer brings with him to a wedding shoot?

The most important element of a wedding photography is the capacity to evoke all kinds of emotions. Various details come together to create a unique photographic moment. As a beach wedding photographer since years, I have been shooting more than 700 weddings so far, ranging from a one day wedding in Mauritius to a week-long extravaganza in the Seychelles. The most important equipment for every photographer is, of course, his camera and lenses. But to make a wedding photo truly unique, accessories are often used to bring about a fun and memorable picture.

Without the right accessories, a professional wedding photographer will find himself in a tough spot. Tripod, flash battery pack, flash diffuser, memory cards, camera bag, spare batteries are gadgets that he cannot go without. Photographers are free to include as little or as much as they want into their wedding day.

Those who know me or went through my portfolio, will recall that I love capturing fun and romantic photos. To add colors to the photo, I often bring along various accessories such as a cake, a bottle of Champaign, colorful sunglasses, an umbrella, a ‘just-married banner’… They all inspire me. Shooting styles and photographic resumes vary from one professional to the other.

When it comes to your wedding photos, you will agree to the fact that you need to hire a professional, someone that is passionate about photography and has experience in producing beautiful photo creation. Something you might want to remember is that the camera is an essential tool but it does not make a good photography. Only the photographer does.

I am committed to providing you with an unforgettable wedding shoot, one where you will celebrate your love and have fun. Accessories are part of my daily routine as a photographer and they help create one-of-a-kind photo.

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