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Feb 14

Questions to ask yourself before hiring a wedding photographer

You might be surprised but when having a conversation with brides-to-be about their wedding planning, I often hear that one of the most difficult and stressful decisions they had to made was finding the right wedding photographer. After all, when hiring a photographer for a destination wedding, you normally purchase a service whose quality you will only be able to measure weeks after the wedding is over. Portfolios don’t always help make a right choice. No wonder, choosing a photographer for your destination wedding is a scary choice because it simply is an unusual and unfamiliar task, and for some, it might be the only occasion for which they will hire a professional photographer.


Top 5 questions you have to ask yourself

In the process of finding the right destination wedding photographer, there is a way to make things less threatening. Begin with what is familiar to you – yourself and spouse-to-be. Knowing yourselves and your preferences will help answer those questions and direct you to the right photographer.

What are to you the most important parts of your wedding; is photography one of them?

If wedding photos rate as the most important aspect of your big day, make sure you invest into it and decide on a photographer before solidifying too many other items.

What is your favorite style of photography?

Do not waste time writing to photographers whose style does not match your preferences. You might want to spend some time to research about the different styles of wedding photography that are out there and find out what specific style appeals to you.

What do you expect your photographer to accomplish on your wedding day?

Do you want him to highlight the venue, to be authentic, to capture the most beautiful emotions, to tell the story of your wedding and photograph moments you did not see happening? Define your search and look for these expectations in the photographer’s portfolio.

How do you want your wedding photos to be delivered?

Do you actually want a printed wedding album, digital images or an online gallery that you can share with others? Discuss this together and prioritize photographers offering the product and service you are looking for.

Who else is involved in the decision-making process, in hiring a photographer?

Everyone involved in the decision making process must get to know the photographer before selecting one. If both partners are involved in hiring a professional photographer, you then must be on the same page.

By now, you must have the answers to what you are drawn to and they will hopefully lead you to the good wedding photographer.

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