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Barefoot beach wedding
Sep 08

Barefoot Destination Wedding : all I love about it

Dreaming of getting married by a beach, where shoes are just an option, where freedom and celebration of love overflow? A barefoot beach wedding, held at a tropical destination proves to be a great experience for both the couple and their guests. It feels like a mini-holiday for everyone involved in this special day. When choosing a barefoot destination wedding, you also choose to go for a stress-free wedding.

Wedding trends keep changing but one that’s sticking around is definitely the beach wedding. As a professional photographer, I have captured over 700 beach weddings in Mauritius and people do not seem to get enough of them. What’s so particularly about being shoes-free for your big day?

Nude shoes, white lace or beaded barefoot sandals, I have seen so many brides coming barefoot to their wedding ceremony. For me, this simply perfectly personifies a wedding in paradise. Getting married the toes in the sand is for me a great way to tie the knot. The rise in popularity of these types of wedding ceremonies has caused more and more resorts to offer special packages, thus making the process of wedding planning much easier for the couple.

A barefoot destination wedding also calls to great photo shoots. Beach weddings also bring along a whole lot of fun and romantic pictures. During day time, a whole lot of creative and funny pictures can be captured and for emotions-filled pictures I love waiting till sunset. Sunset wedding photography is one of the best when it comes to capturing raw emotions and romantic photos.

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