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Mauritius Beach Wedding
Dec 18

Best beaches for Wedding Photography Mauritius

Renowned as the perfect place for wedding and honeymoon, Mauritius charms by its beautiful scenery, outstanding beaches and breathtaking lagoons. Beach weddings are becoming more and more popular. Talking about Mauritius, Mark Twain once mentioned that heaven has been copied after Mauritius. Are you busy looking for the right beach for your wedding? We will help you in finding the right venue and in making your big day a memorable one. 

Shaded by coconut trees, the white sandy beaches make Mauritius the ideal tropical destination. It is the incarnation of paradise for those wishing a sea, sand and sun experience. Create happy memories by capturing your wedding photography by the beach. Among the most prestigious: the beach located in front of Shandrani Beach Resort, hotel of the Beachcomber group. Located in Blue Bay, on the southern coast of the island, it boasts an emerald lagoon and one of the most beautiful beaches of Mauritius. The scenery is captivating and guarantees the best wedding photography. Other prestigious beaches are the one located at Le Morne (south west tip of the island) and Le Victoria hotel. For high quality photography, it is recommended to go for beach wedding packages provided by hotels.

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