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Wedding myths
Mar 17

Wedding superstitions around the world

There are so many rules and myths about weddings, which foretell good or bad luck. Each and every day, traditional ceremonies take place around the world but do they all need to focus on a set of rules? Not always. Here are the best wedding myths you might want to keep in mind or twist.


A bride must wear white

It is said that the color of your wedding gown can predict the happiness of your marriage. Getting married in red is wishing yourself death. In China and India, this color symbolizes good luck though. Wearing a white dress is a trend that became popular in the 19th century. In recent years, brides have been choosing wedding dress other than white. It’s your big day and you are free to do what you feel is right.


Only the bride can be in white

This is one of the superstitions that cannot be demystified. According to the myth, no guest is allowed to wear white and upstage the bride on her wedding day. Over the past years, it has become common to see bridesmaids in white upon decision of the bride of course. If you are a guest, considering wearing white, think twice before you do so.


The number of bridesmaids and groomsmen has to be even

There’s no law saying that. If you ever decide to have 5 bridesmaids and 2 groomsmen or have a Best ‘Woman’ and a ‘Man’ of Honor, the choice is all yours. You are free to do what you feel is right. I will be surprised to see every bride and groom have the same number of close friends and family for their wedding.


Invite those who invited you to their wedding

Do not feel trapped to invite someone to your wedding simply because they have invited you to his. Each wedding celebration is different. You may have a smaller wedding with only close friends and family invited or a just us destination wedding. Don’t feel guilty about your guest list. You sometimes have to limit your list because of budget and space. It is all fine and understandable.


Seeing each other before the ceremony is bad luck

In the past, arranged marriages were a common business deal between two families. The bride and groom were not allowed to see each other before the ceremony to prevent them from changing their mind. Today, having a first look before the ceremony is well known and considered a beautiful, emotion filled photography moment by every good wedding photographer.


Throwing rice at the newlyweds

After the wedding ceremony, guests often shower newlyweds with rice to insure a plentiful harvest and happiness. The superstition lies in the fact that birds eating rice thrown after a wedding ceremony will cause harm to their stomach and they will eventually explode. Today, rice has been, in most weddings, been replaced by flowers, which symbolize fertility, never ending love and new life. 


Spiders represent good luck

Yikes! Can you imagine? According to an English tradition, finding a spider in the wedding dress is a best of luck omen.


Do not drop the ring

Whoever does will be the first one to die which is absolutely not something you want to think about during your wedding ceremony, right?


Marry on Wednesday

According to an English tradition again, Wednesday is the best day to get married. Monday is considered the best day for wealth and Tuesday for health.  

When it comes to a wedding, there’s no right or wrong. There’s just beauty and emotions that must be captured. Do you agree? 

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