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Best photography moments 2016
Dec 23

Wedding Photography - Highlights of 2016

2016 has definitely been a memorable year. I had fun capturing stylish weddings, all unique in their own way. I had the opportunity to share special moments with honeymooners, holidaymakers and newlyweds. All those moments reflected the different styles and personalities of a clientele who has definitely made my year. Thank you! I still can’t believe the number of wedding I had this year. Though it’s been quite a packed year, I enjoyed every second of it capturing candid, fun, whimsical, festive, gentle, evocative and adorable photos.

I have been working mainly in Mauritius and the Seychelles for beach weddings. I’ve been through the winter and the summer – a tropical season adding oomph to the wedding photography. Looking back, each of the photos reflects the playfulness and emotions of the moment.This year, I added to my portfolio Chinese weddings in Mauritius.

I have achieved my goal of creating the dreams of happy and spontaneous people. I discovered moments of shared emotions and so enjoyed creating scenes filled of humour, spontaneity and dynamism. Along with the newlyweds, I enjoyed the pleasure of a truly unforgettable photography within a magnificent setting while facing a sparkling ocean and standing on a white sandy beach. At the beginning of the year, I promised a surprising year and it was indeed full of surprises for the newlyweds. I was so determined to make their wedding day so exceptional. It’s been busy, fun and stylish. It’s now time to welcome the holiday season.

We are working on our best of 2016.

Until 2017, Merry Christmas and Happy Start of the year! 


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