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When to book your beach wedding photographer
Sep 04

When to book your beach wedding photographer?

Are you happily engaged and planning a destination wedding, by the beach in Mauritius or Seychelles? Your wedding planning process has already started? Photography is among the most meaningful details you might want to consider few months before your wedding. But when exactly is the right time to look for a photographer? Everyone’s situation is different. Some may recommend an early booking 10 months before the actual big day, some may look for one 3 months before. Often, those getting married abroad choose to book a professional wedding photographer months before, to make sure they book the best.

I truly believe that hiring a photographer is one of the most important decisions that a couple can make when planning their big day and creating one of the most emotional and important days of their lifetime. Details such as the way your wedding is documented and the photographer you hire to do so really matter. I previously shared about how to choose a wedding photographer but I must say that I often come across couple asking when the best time to hire a photographer is.  To this, I most of the time reply that they have to answer to these 3 basic questions:

  • How popular is their wedding date?
  • How popular is their wedding photographer?
  • How many weddings does he photograph in a year?

Shooting weddings can be a time-consuming job. Various professionals set boundaries on how many weddings they can commit in a season. If your potential photographer only accepts a limited number of weddings, you might want to rush and book him soonest possible. Don’t forget: it only takes one more couple to have your favorite photographer out of reach for your wedding day.

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