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Mauritius Wedding Award
Sep 03

Mauritius in India: Best Wedding International Luxury Destination

Not later than last week, Mauritius has been awarded the Best Wedding International Luxury Destination by the Indian magazine, Today’s Traveler. This event comes along with the Luxury Roadshow directed by Arnaud Martin, President of the MTPA, in India. The award has been given by the tourism and culture minister of India, Dr Mahesh Sharma, to the MTPA representative, Vivek Anand, in New Delhi.

A special evening with various personalities from around the world has been organized in order to reward the best tourist markets and operators working in India. It is noted that this ceremony happens annually. The award has then been presented to Arnaud Martin during the Luxury Roadshow happening in Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi, which aimed at promoting Mauritius as a popular destination for weddings and family holidays. The Roadshow has seen the participation of Air Mauritius, various hotels and the 4 most famous tour operators of Mumbai and Bangalore.

When receiving the award, Arnaud Martin mentioned that it is the fruit of a remarkable work done by the Mauritian tourism industry during the Wedding Planners Congress held in Mauritius last May. He also added that Mauritius has known a growth of 21,5% in its tourism industry from January to July and as a team they are hoping to beautifully finish the year with more than 70 000 Indian tourists. Mauritius would like India to be one of its biggest markets by the five next years.

The natural beauty of Mauritius is made complete by the resorts found over the island. Mauritius is a wedding destination for couples wishing an idyllic wedding and honeymoon in a unique location. 

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