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Catamaran wedding
Nov 08

Choosing a catamaran as your wedding venue in Mauritius

Are you planning your destination wedding in Mauritius and do you want to tie the knots in the most original way, unlike any other back home? I want to share with you what has now become kind of a routine to me as a beach wedding photographer - ever heard of a catamaran wedding cruise? This definitely is one of my favorite venues in Mauritius.

Many choose to say yes on their own private island such as the famous Gabriel Island in Mauritius, which is only accessible by sea. To reach there, newlyweds rent a catamaran which is beautifully decorated. This proves to be the perfect scenery with the white sandy beach, blue sky exploding with colors over the crystal clear water and the mountain range in the backdrop. You can choose to exchange your vows on the beach and have your wedding party on the catamaran.


Types of cruises on board of the catamaran

Whether for a full day, diner, sunset or an overnight cruise, there’s something magical about celebrating and photographing a wedding on a boat. I had the privilege to do all these types of cruises. I must however say that the 2-hour sunset cruise is the most sought after trip and toasts the end of another amazing day in paradise. Newlyweds and honeymooners like it. I recently heard about the overnight cruise; you get on at 5pm and leave at 8 am the next morning.


What a photographer loves most about a catamaran wedding

I have been part of north coast, south east coast and west coast wedding cruises. Exchanging your vows on board of a catamaran in front of your close friends and family is a pure bliss. What I love the most about shooting a full catamaran wedding day is the contrast of colors, the joy-filled moments, the live music (yes, you also have a sound system on board) and the fun surrounding this special day. This truly reflects the lively and relaxed atmosphere of Mauritius. I normally do not have to look for smiles; they are naturally part of the day. Some of my clients started their wedding day with a catamaran cruise and ended up with an underwater wedding photography.  I love the experience behind such special occasion – romantic, unforgettable, mystical, one-of-a-kind.

Are you looking for a cruise after the wedding ceremony or do you dream of having your wedding on board of a catamaran? Set off on a great journey during which I will gladly be your photographer to make sure you keep a lifetime memory of your original wedding day. Go for a breathtaking retreat tailor made for you. From budget to high end cruises, from popular to more secluded places, all can be as you wish. 

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