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Wedding Hashtag
May 10

Start your #WeddingHashtag

Are you looking for an original way to make your wedding information and photos easy to track and share? Ever thought about a wedding hashtag? It is more than just a cute and trendy label; it is a way for you to gather all photos that surround your wedding planning and day. Your wedding photographer will try his very best to capture the emotions of your big day but he cannot be everywhere at the same time and will most probably miss some fun moments. You usually can rely on your guests for some fun photos. A wedding hashtag will help you find pictures that your guests will post on social media about your wedding.


Did you know?

  • 45% of brides talk about their wedding planning on social media
  • 20% ask questions about wedding planning on social media
  • 68% of newlyweds go look for photos posted about their wedding on social media


How to create the right wedding hashtag?

  • Make it unique, be creative and show personality.

You can include your names, dates and typical wedding words. The more specific you are the better. Ex: #MrandMrsBaker10516 (there might be a lot of #MrandMrsBaker in the world, but you will be the only #MrandMrsBaker10516), #HappilyEverAfterBakers, #WeSaidIDoOnMay5 #SamLovesSamy #BakersForever #BakersGetHitched.

  • Make it short and sweet. Your guests have to remember it to use it.
  • Before choosing your hashtag, search to be sure no one is using it
  • Capitalize the beginning of each word to make it easy to read #WeSaidIDo
  • Read over your hashtag to avoid misspellings. For example, prefer #daveandsara to #saraanddave
  • Do not make use of symbols and special accents.They will make your hashtag invalid. A good hashtag only consists of characters.
  • Share it with your guests. Include it on your invitation card and ceremony program.


Are you ready to pick out a personalized hashtag for your #BigDay, to create one that is totally you? Best of Luck! You can also make use of a wedding hashtag generator that you will find online. Don’t forget to include it in your own posts and tweets. Sit back; gather all the sweet memories of your big day. Watch the hash tagged posts in your news feed.


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