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Jul 15

Tips for creating your wedding album

Digital communication has for sure become popular but when it comes to telling the story of your big, nothing can replace a wedding album. We all want to hold it in hands and go on a beautiful journey. As a wedding photographer I always take time to think of the big-picture story the couple will want to tell their friends and families. Putting together a wedding album is not always an easy task. At the end of it, you should feel as if you relived this very special moment. Having a wedding album is a tangible reminder of the most beautiful day of your life. How to organize it and place your photos in the right sequence so that your story is shared in a simple and efficient way? Here are some tips. I want your story to be told in a consistent way and provide your viewers with a genuine experience full of love, honest emotion and joy. This is why I’m taking time to stop and share this blog post.

Start your first page with your invitation card. This is a great way to introduce others to your wedding day. It highlights the date, time and venue of your wedding.

Then, gather your ‘getting ready’ photos. These include the bride, bridesmaids, groom and groomsmen getting ready. You may also include photos of the parents.

You can then move to your ceremony photos. You might have to devote many pages to this section where you will gather entrances of the bride and groom, deco of the ceremony place, exchange of vows, exchange of rings and the first kiss as husband and wife.

Go on with the venue photos. You will want people looking at your album to know more about your reception venue. This section will feature close ups of your tastefully decorated tables, the entrance, the buffet, the dance floor, the surrounding; all the little details. You can then highlight photos showing the arrival of the bride and groom at the reception, guests at their tables, speeches and toast, couple’s first dance, father-daughter dance, cutting of the cake and tossing of the bouquet.

Devote a section to special group photos such as the extended family and friends gathered around the newlyweds.

Conclude your wedding album with a photo of the bride and groom leaving hand in hand, leaving in the car, walking away or waving goodbye.

I am excited about those people that will be flipping through the pages of your wedding album. Your family story often starts here.

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