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Jul 01

Beach wedding photography: most loved shot list

My beach wedding photography adventure started 15 years back, at some friends’ wedding living in Mauritius. Since then, I have discovered moments of shared emotions and taken pleasure in reflecting abundance of life through my photographs. What I love about beach wedding is of course the beautiful setting but also the possibility to create scene with loads of spontaneity, dynamism, joy and also humor. Though I love my photos to be full of surprises, I do get some clients coming to me with a list of photos they want for their wedding album. I have gathered below a list of ideas, from both me and my clients, to give you an idea of the most loved pictures when it comes to celebrating a wedding by the beach.

  • Drawing in the sand. This is a classic idea that often turns up into thank you cards. Couples also like photos of footprints in the sand.
  • Trash the dress. This is a must-have if you are having a beach wedding. Having the couple fully immersed in the ocean with their wedding gowns, truly reflects the beauty of having a beach wedding.
  • A walk by the beach. This is a great idea for whoever wants to capture the beach vibe while conjuring the typical ‘they lived happily ever after’ image. All you have to do is not turn around and walk away together.
  • Sunset photos. I absolutely love it! The light, the colors, the sparkling ocean… a perfect and romantic shot to highlight the perfect natural elements of your big day.

These are the 4 must-have for a beach wedding. The traditional and classic shots are not to be forgotten though. Here’s a list you might want to include:

  • Get ready photos
  • Zoom on your dress and shoes
  • Bridal details (small touches like hair, jewelry etc.)
  • Groom’s accessories
  • Bridal bouquet
  • Bridesmaid bouquets / Bridesmaid group shot
  • Bridal portrait
  • First look photos
  • Family shot (might not be overly perfect but will reflect how perfectly happy you are)
  • Pre-ceremony emotions
  • Walking down the aisle
  • Groom standing at the other end of the alter (the look on his face)
  • Rings
  • Picture of the guests’ expressions while the couple say I do
  • You may kiss the bride moment
  • Ceremony Décor
  • First dance and father/daughter dance
  • The exit, a classical just married photo for a perfect ending to your wedding album

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