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deciding on your wedding venue
Dec 20

Tips for deciding on your wedding venue

One of the first things done by engaged couples when starting to plan their wedding is choosing a venue. Wedding venues are often booked ahead of time, sometimes before even looking into details such as wedding dress, flowers and deco. How to choose your wedding venue? A lot of time, thoughts and discussions should be put to ensure that your wedding venue is the perfect one. Here are some tips to ease your choice.
-    Budget. One of the most important thing is to decide on a budget as not all wedding venues will be the right option for you.
-    Communicate. Communication is the key to finding the right wedding venue, the one that will meet your expectations.
     Thoughts of both bride and groom are to be considered. Share your ideas with your partner. 
-    Date. Fix a date before starting to look for wedding venues and ask around where it is available on your requested date. 
-    Number of guests – How many guests are you expecting? Do you require an intimate wedding venue, a beach wedding venue or a large hall? Ask yourself a question. 
Also think about your guests. Is your chosen venue a practical choice for them? Do they have to travel and can they afford to? Though the final choice is based on the decision of the bride and grooms, guests are an important part of a wedding. 


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