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Sep 20

Beach wedding: what to do and not to do ?

A beach wedding is much more than just showing up and saying I do. It involves planning, for sure, but it also involves growing in awareness when it comes to do’s and don’ts. For a smooth planning journey and a stress-free wedding day, every couple should learn how to prepare a master list of do’s and don’ts. Don’t underestimate your wedding planning. Here are a few tips that will help you stay focus on the most important details. Read on!


Essentials you do want to consider

  • Do inject both your personalities and personal touches into each element of your special day.
  • Do be upfront with your wedding vendors such as your photographer. Tell him the photos you will like to have and those you don’t want in your wedding album.
  • Do get to know the officer who’s going to lead you through this special moment so the ceremony is personalized and authentic.
  • Do choose the right kind of dress. When it comes to a beach wedding, you better think light and skip the big dress. You will want to feel confident and comfortable in whatever you’re wearing. Be careful with lace trim as they easily pick up debris.
  • Prefer an up-do hairstyle as it tends to be very windy by the beach.
  • Do inform your guests to be informal. Cotton pants, Bermuda shorts and light weight dresses are good options for a beach wedding.
  • Stay natural for your deco. Highlight the natural and the gorgeous ocean background.
  • Do set up a shoe station for your guests.
  • Work on a solid plan B as the weather is unpredictable.


'Must not do' for a beach wedding

  • Don’t start your wedding ceremony at noon during summer time, when the sun is at its strongest.
  • Forget about changing your social media status the same day. Stay present in the very moment and save that for the next day.
  • Do not consider high heels. Sand and heels are far from being a good match. Prefer a barefoot beach wedding.
  • Don’t make your wedding ceremony too long. Heat and audibility are factors that can prevent your guests from enjoying to the fullest.

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