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Apr 04

Elie Bernager: A beach wedding photographer like no other

Today, we’ll discover more about the photography services of Elie Bernager. With almost 40 years of experience in the photography world, he keeps the same passion and has since 15 years now extended his service to newlyweds. He aims at providing them with an unforgettable photo session.

Every couple is different. But by choosing a destination beach wedding in Mauritius, almost all of them share the wish to go back home with photos that are as exceptional as their weddings, that will remind them of their glamourous wedding and honeymoon in Mauritius.


A fashion and beauty photographer at the service of the bride

Elie Bernager settled in Mauritius in 2001, after a successful career at the service of renowned press groups such as Marie-Claire. He has also been traveling to South Africa where he developed a bank of images that are today still used by big agencies like Getty or Corbis. As a true fashion and beauty photographer, he developed this concern for perfection and the construction of this wedding reportage with an immutable commitment, without ever giving way to weariness.

The man behind the lens knows that he is the privileged witness of a truly joyful moment, filled with emotions:

“When taking the photos, I think a lot about their families and friends who did not make it to Mauritius. When seeing my photographs, I want them to feel as if they were part of the day.”


An anti-conformist who masters each image

His trademark is undoubtedly the space left for laughter, fun, portraits and group photos. The bride being escorted by Mauritian coast guards? The young couple having fun and jumping around on the beach? His imagination is endless.

“I leave room for spontaneity. I choose the emotion for which I am a privileged witness. My images are cheerful, full of life; the newlyweds look relaxed, happy and joy-filled.”

Behind each photo, there is a real work, a preparation and a perfect mastery of the image.


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