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First look wedding photos
Mar 23

Why make the choice of first-look wedding photos?

Very common term used by wedding photographers, first-look photos reflect a unique moment, where the groom meets the bride before the wedding ceremony. I must say, there is a debate going on about whether it’s good or not to see each other before walking down the aisle. It involves breaking tradition. Whether you want it or not, it’s your choice. As a wedding photographer, I will not interpose my feelings into your decision; I will just provide you with the options you have, about the pros and cons of having first-look photos. One thing I can guarantee, first-look wedding photos are becoming very trendy and are such a beautiful way to start off a married life.


First-look photos: a rush of emotions

There are various alternatives to a first look: holding hands around some partitions, without seeing each other, or writing a letter to each other and reading it before the ceremony, without him seeing her. But there’s something very emotional and unique about first-look photos; they are extremely romantic because when the bride and the groom first lock eyes on their wedding day within an intimate setting, far from the crowd, it brings about a teary-eyed moment. A bride usually expects a reaction from the groom when they have their first-look on their wedding day. At this very moment, emotions come rushing out.


Add a memorable moment to your wedding day

Most grooms normally get stress before the wedding ceremony and when they see the bride, everything looks real. When the stress starts coming up, instead of keeping the groom surrounded by a crowd of people or keeping him in a secluded place, why not take him to a private place with no one around and no distractions. Then, allow the love of his life to walk up to him and tap his shoulder. He will turn around and get his first look. Often, he will cry with her, embrace her and enjoy the moment. Can you picture such moment? This is incredibly romantic and so special. During my time with the bride and groom, I give space to spontaneity. No posing rules about how I want the photo to be. It’s the moment where they get to have an intimate time together and be alone before the ceremony. They will cherish it for a life time. Don’t think twice, first-look photos have got to be spontaneous.

A lot will happen on your big day and you will spend most of your day being surrounded by your guests. The first-look before the ceremony is such a beautiful, timeless, fun, romantic, precious and memorable time to share with the love of your life.

Here’s a testimonial from someone who had first-look wedding photos: ‘My photographer, husband and I were very hesitant about doing the first look. We discussed a lot about it and I must say that we are so happy we did it. Two years later, it is still our most memorable moment of the day. We shared a special moment alone without our photographer being too intrusive, we did not even feel his presence and it felt like it was only the two of us. We are so grateful he suggested this idea!’ 

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