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Seychelles Beach Wedding
Feb 25

Getting married in Seychelles

Seychelles is renowned as a paradise for weddings. There, you can enjoy idyllic weddings under the tropical sun and starry skies. Beach Wedding Photographer make your Seychelles dream come true by capturing the most enjoyable moment of your life. Thanks to its picturesque natural beauty, the Seychelles represent an outstanding wedding location, one of the most romantic getaway in the world.

Often compared to the Garden of Eden, the Seychelles has an abundant nature that calls to the most amazing beach wedding. Sparkling lagoon, white sandy beaches, well-located hotels… everything invites to unforgettable days. Whether for your wedding or honeymoon, various hotels or cozy cottage can serve as home base.

One of the most popular option is getting married right on the beach, saying ‘I do’ against a backdrop of golden sunset and crashing waves. You can also choose to have it on the highest point of the island overlooking the surrounding areas. Getting married in the Seychelles is very romantic but some legal requirements must be considered. Couples must:

  • Possess a valid passport and birth certificates. If widowed or divorced, a death certificate or a change of name by deed poll should be produced
  • Travel with the originals
  • Submit their documents 6 weeks prior to departure so arrangements can be made

Ceremonies are conducted by the Registrar and in accordance with the Seychelles’ laws.

Seychelles can be a highly attractive destination for weddings as long as you plan well ahead of time.

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