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Simple beach wedding
Sep 15

How to keep your beach wedding simple ?

You are getting married by the beach, surrounded by a few witnesses and families? How to organize this wedding somewhat atypical, whose simplicity is itself a form of challenge? Here are some ideas for you to keep your wedding simple and yet successful.


Keep the guest list short

If you can take care of having a limited number of guests at your beach wedding, you will cut off the cost for about everything else.  Limit your guests to very close friends and families. Once your first list is finalized, do not tempt to update your list…One, two, three more and you will find yourself having 120 guests instead of 12.


Have your menu catered and simple

Food can be one of the biggest costs. You can however, keep it reasonable if you do not go for a fancy and extravagant buffet. Choose a few simple key dishes. After all, your guests are here to celebrate your wedding and enjoy your company. Just make sure you do have some key food but don’t spend too much on it. You can hire a caterer to organize your buffet or if you want your beach wedding to be even more cost effective, have friends or family willing to help with the food. You can either choose to go simple in terms of costs or in terms of practicability.



Instead of managing all your wedding preps, make sure to seek for help and delegate in order to save time and avoid stress. And one important thing to know is that family and friends love to help.  Don’t try to do everything on your own. Allow others to take up some tasks and whenever they are doing so, just check those tasks off your list. Make it all easier!


Go for a simple and yet beautiful outfit

Every bride wants a beautiful wedding dress, which can turn up to be expensive. For a beach wedding, prefer a simple and light wedding dress. Be it the bride or the groom; don’t go for a fancy outfit. By doing so, you will save money that will allow you to buy some accessories that you could also use for your wedding photography.


Simple decoration

Be very minimal. Some floral arrangements are enough for a beach wedding because you will enjoy the magnificent sea backdrop.


Simple entertainment

If you are planning an original beach wedding but yet a simple one, you can choose to also have an original entertainment such as some traditional cultural dancers or an acoustic musical group. In Mauritius, beach weddings are normally accompanied by the cultural dance, the Sega.


Have a wedding planner

It does not have to be a fancy wedding planner, but can be a friend or family member who you can trust to make things happen according to what you want and need. Having someone else to take care of all the details before and during the wedding, will help you unwind and enjoy your celebration.

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