The Beach Wedding Photographer
Elie Bernager
Dec 02

All about our beach wedding photographer

Tell us more about you and your photography business

Well, it’s been 35 years now that I am a professional photographer. I am self-employed and my wife Céline does a remarkable job working alongside me and doing the photo editing. I share the couples’ dream of elegance, beauty and joy. I have been working for Marie-Claire group in Paris for more than 15 years and after that started producing lifestyle and beauty photography for Getty Images. I now live in Mauritius since 10 years and I travel regularly to Seychelles islands being joyfully focused on beach wedding photography.


How did you start beach wedding photography?  

It all came like a sudden revelation at my friends’ wedding in Mauritius. They wanted me to be their wedding photographer. It was an unforgettable photographic day.  During the shooting, I felt immense joy and received such a positive energy. I loved the emotions of this wedding day. I then decided to get into wedding photography.


How many weddings did you photograph?

A lot! Over 700 happy weddings.


Your favorite part of the wedding day to capture?

The romantic sunset photos by the beach but also the bridal portraits before the wedding ceremony.


Why would you say getting married by the beach is the best?

It is an opportunity to capture stunning photos such as sunset photos.  The photos will show off a white sandy beach, a sparkling ocean and the happy faces of the bride and groom. Getting married in paradise is a simple decision.  Sun, sand, sea and love – all you need for a perfect wedding day. Beaches of Mauritius are great at providing you an unforgettable day, particularly Le Morne beach where a magnificent scenery and sparkling lagoon welcome you.


Are you Nikon or Canon?

I use both of them. They are just tools. No significant difference, just a matter of ‘like it or not’.


What is your preferred location to shoot a wedding?

By the beach in Mauritius. Le Morne beach is particularly beautiful.


What's the greatest lesson you've learned, and would pass on to other new beach wedding photographers?

Share the love to your clients. Fall in love with them. Be unique and special.


An advice for those looking to hire a wedding photographer?

Choose a photographer that will transform a traditional set of beach wedding into a memorable event, living up, to your dream of beauty, elegance and joy. Hire a photographer whose love for photography is visible to you.

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