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Couple's only destination wedding
Feb 26

Pros and cons of a couple’s only destination wedding

Getting married in a vacation location away from home is gaining more and more popularity. So is the ‘just us’ wedding. Not every couple dreams of a lavish wedding surrounded by friends and family. This hip alternative allows future bride and groom to combine a getaway honeymoon and romantic wedding, often by the beach. Do you like travel? Is a couple’s only destination wedding right for you? Never know! May be the just us destination wedding is for you. It definitely is not for everyone.

Not everyone is ready for the big amount of preparation, planning and stress. Destination weddings are not even close to cheap. Accommodation, food, drinks, deco… Can you imagine this extra cash you would have spent on your guests, just on the two of you?



  • Benefit from a complete package. Hotels and wedding planners will provide you with a stress-free and simple wedding. All you will need to do is show up.
  • Avoid stressful family situations because of the guest list.
  • No guests. It helps you save money!
  • You do not need to manage family, friends and the little dramas on your big day.

To share your wedding with your family, you can always send pictures or look for options where they can follow your wedding live.

  • You do not have the stress of making sure that everyone is happy.
  • It makes the whole thing more romantic. When it’s just you and your love, you will be able to pour out your heart when it comes to your wedding vows.
  • No need to share the hotel with your guests and therefore move to another one for the honeymoon.



  • You will not have any support on your special day.
  • You might regret not having your family and friends at your wedding. In addition, they might be upset with you excluding them. But the deciding factor is: is the wedding for you or for them?
  • You will have to consider arriving at destination a few weeks before in order to sort out all the paperwork.

How do you feel about having a ‘just us’ destination wedding? Is it made for you?

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