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Mauritius beach wedding photographer
Apr 05

Wedding photography by Elie Bernager

Renowned as a perfect wedding and honeymoon destination, Mauritius charms through its white sandy beaches, romantic view and its great wedding services. Elie Bernager, wedding photographer of French origin, settled in Mauritius since 2001, experiences the magnificence of the island through his photography services. The beach is his favorite place for romantic and fun photos. He takes pleasure in staging the most beautiful day of the newlyweds. Passionate about photography and travel, Elie does not only focus on beach wedding photography in Mauritius but also travels the Indian ocean and the world. Let’s discover more about his passion for weddings and Mauritius.


A beautiful photographic journey to Mauritius

Graduated from the prestigious school of Decorative Arts in Paris, Elie began his career as a lifestyle and beauty photographer. He collaborated with renowned agencies such as Marie Claire, Vogue and Cosmopolitan magazines. Corbis and Getty images, world class photographic agencies, were also on the lookout for his talents. His favorite style of photography is portrait.

In 2001, he landed in Mauritius and had the idea to put all his rich experience of fashion photographer at the service of newlyweds. It all started with his friends’ wedding in Mauritius. The shared moments of emotions were a revelation to him. Since then, he takes pleasure in transforming the big day into an unforgettable photographic moment, in agreement with the dreams and fantasies of his cheerful, refined and elegant clients.


Mauritius : the perfect getaway for wedding photography

Elie gives his very best to highlight the spectacular beauty of the island, from white sandy beaches to pristine waters and green lush mountains. Mauritius offers an ideal setting for sunny wedding pictures, even for black and white photography. Elie loves colors, original accessories that allow him to have great fun with the bride and groom. He particularly loves black and white romantic photos and sunset wedding photos. Even if he never lacks ideas, he makes sure to always listen to the needs and wishes of his clients. For him, a typical wedding day in Mauritius ends at sunset, with an apotheosis of burlesque photos filled with laughter.

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