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Mistakes to avoid when planning your wedding
May 22

Top mistakes made during the wedding preparation

Planning a wedding is not an easy task. In fact, it requires time, energy, inspiration and a hundred tiny decisions also come along. A wedding is known to be the biggest event of your life and there is so much emotion tied to this event. Everything feels so important in order to make your day a perfect one. Here’s our share of wedding experiences…What you can be sure about is that there is no amount of planning that can totally stop you from having some little regrets. In the midst of all the stress involved in your wedding planning, here is a list of the top 6 mistakes we usually make when planning the big day.


1. Invitation stress

Soon to be married couples stress about invitations a lot. They want the invitation card to look perfect: original design, silk ribbons, wax seals. And before you even noticed, you would have spent so much money on your invites and will regret about not thinking to keep one for you.  In addition, guests will remember your wedding invitations for only a few weeks. Better go for a simple invite and invest towards good catering because your guests will surely remember that.


2. Stressing about the variety of drinks to have

Those in search of perfection will make sure to have several types of wine, beer and champagne options. We sometimes get so worried about those details that we forget that whatever your serve, guests are here to appreciate what you provide to them and won’t even ask for something you do not have. Go for a simple choice.


3. Let’s have everything DIY

We often think that going for DIY will cut off costs, which is true! But… did you know that it also brings a lot of unnecessary stress such as having to find all the right craft items, spending time looking for them? You might either want to do the set up yourself or worry about explaining your vision to someone else who might not be able to do everything just as you want. After the wedding, you will have to worry about throwing all your DIY items away or transport them. Save yourself the stress! You either trust someone else to take care of your DIY deco from A to Z, without you having to stress about it or research a budget-friendly deco agency.


4. Overcommitting yourself to too many activities

Getting married can be really tiring. Bridal shower, wedding rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, family weekend before the big day and running from one place to another – you can easily be exhausted before the big day and cry from pure tiredness. Don’t forget : the few days before the wedding promises to be an emotional waterfall. Don’t overdo it, don’t over commit!


5. Blowing up the budget

Setting a budget is fundamental when planning your wedding. This is often the mistake no 1. Make a budget for each tiny detail and don’t go over what you have set, even if things look prettier.


6. Not being specific about the wedding photos you want

We often assume that our wedding photographer can read our mind. He wants to get the best out of your wedding moments but you are the one who can make your wishes come true. If you have a specific wish, please do communicate it to your photographer. Hire a professional photographer who will listen to your very wish and will go the extra mile for you.

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