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Aug 02

Top things to take into account for your beach wedding

White sandy beach, cool sea breeze, magnificent sunset... is it how you picture a dream beach wedding?  Does it include a special set of considerations such as crowds of curious onlookers, wind and mosquitoes? We’ve been seeking advice from wedding planners, experts in destination weddings. To allow you a stress-free wedding day, they dish on everything from helping you choose your right dress to wind proofing your décor.

Here are some tips provided by experts:


Be mindful about your dress

When it comes to walking by the beach with a ball gown wedding dress, forget about it! Also, dresses with lace are not always the best because they pick up the debris from the beach. Prefer a light fabric so your gown flows in the ocean breeze.


Ban the heels, they just are not a good idea

Your ideal types of shoes for a beach wedding are flat-sole sandals, those that won’t sink into the sand. Careful! Sand can be pretty hot. Therefore, think about an aisle runner made of fabric or thick flower petals.


Think twice before choosing a long veil

If you are marrying by the beach, think well before making the choice of a long veil. It can be very windy and it will not make it easy for you and your beach wedding photographer. Replace with accessories such as fresh flowers.


Consider an updo

You also have to think of your hairstyle when planning a wedding by the beach. The most recommended hairstyle will be a true updo. If you absolutely want to put your hair down, you may have to think about investing in the services of a stylist or hairdresser who can do touch-ups throughout your wedding day.


Ensure comfort for your guests

Make sure they know your wedding will be held by the beach. Include the plan on your invitation card. One cool idea is to prepare a well-thought welcome bag with necessary items that will help prepare them for the sun such as travel-size sunscreen bottle and hand fans.


Keep your deco simple, don’t go over the top

A stunning sea backdrop doesn’t need to be too dressed up. Your goal should be to highlight the natural beauty of the setting. Take inspiration from the harmonious color of sand, stones and water. Don’t try to add existing colors to your décor. For example, if you are getting married by a blue lagoon, contrast with other vibrant tones, corals or greens.


Make sure you’ve got enough privacy

Booking your beach wedding at a resort is the best option because you can be sure to enjoy a private and intimate beach wedding. However, not all beaches are private. When getting married during holiday season, be aware of the risk of nosy onlookers.


Provide shade to your guests

Consider a canopy to protect your guests from the burning sun. You can also choose to source some bamboo poles and drape a white fabric on top.


Keep the bugs away

During summer time, you are most likely to have mosquitoes as guests. Having a good insect repellent at hand is a good idea.


Be ready for a plan B

Weather can play troublemaker for your beach wedding. To keep the ceremony and reception going, have a canopy ready or find an alternative space indoor.

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