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Wedding planning on Pinterest
Jun 03

Wedding planning: get inspired on Pinterest

Planning a wedding often seems like running a marathon. It requires some time of preparation and endurance; it can be stressful and tiring but when you get to the finish line you feel accomplished. Before reaching there, a lot of details have to be considered. More and more brides-to-be now turn to Pinterest to gather ideas for their big day. It ranks on the list of favorite things to do if you want an original wedding. Have you ever add a pin or repin wedding inspiration boards? If not, it’s about time and if yes, I will share with you how to use this platform effectively to plan your wedding. If like me you love this world’s catalog of ideas, you might want to check my Pinterest profile.

Pinterest is a great tool for planning your wedding but there are definitely some practices in using it efficiently for your special day. Pinning wedding ideas to your boards is the very first step. In the process of picking up the right ideas, remember these points:

  • You love, you pin.

Pin and repin what appeals to you and what shows your personality.

  • Have a look at your pins on each board to see what about them attracts you.

The time to find out what draws you to these pins marks the beginning of your wedding planning. While going through this process, you might discover that you prefer some stuff rather than others. This is going to help you move forward in your planning.

  • When choosing your wedding vendors, keep in mind what you’re drawn to.

Use your preferences to limit your search. For example, if you are drawn to beach weddings, you can skip boards about ballroom venues. While looking for beach weddings boards, you can also find your beach wedding photographer.

  • Perfection does not exist.

You might not be able to recreate exactly the pin you love. Thousands of variables can come together to produce a unique photo. When recreating, keep in mind that it is a copy of someone else’s work at someone else’s wedding. By trying to recreate perfectly, you are missing out on the opportunity to make your wedding a unique one. Allow yourself and your wedding vendor to be creative. Use the Pinterest boards to show what you love, to communication your style and feel of a wedding you will like. Get inspired, keep it personal, edit out details that do not fit and trust a professional to add a unique tone to your wedding.

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