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Nov 17

Tips for a successful summer beach wedding

Are you throwing a summer wedding? It’s a beautiful season to tie the knot. Everything is flowering, sunny and bright. In some destinations, like Mauritius, planning a wedding in summer is very particular due to the very warm weather and humidity. From keeping your wedding guests comfortable to choosing a shaded décor, various tips can help you stand out from the crowd. Ready to finalize the planning of your summer beach wedding? Here’s a checklist you will want to go through before:

  1. Shaded décor – If you are planning your wedding ceremony outdoor, make sure you set up a shaded décor where guests can escape from the heat
  2. Keep your guests as comfortable as possible – Choose favors such as fans, parasols, sunglasses that will keep them happy throughout the ceremony. These can also act as gifts that can take away after the wedding.
  3. No heavy alcohol drink – Because you want your guests to chill out and enjoy their time, make the choice of refreshing cocktails, chilled white wine or rosé rather than heavy red wine.
  4. Your flowers must hold up in the heat – Your florist will recommend heat-resistant blooms that won’t wither after few hours. Orchids, fluffy flowers and garden roses are the best in summer.
  5. Think twice about your wedding day timeline – During summer, you don’t want your guests to stand out in the sun the whole time. Keep the time between the ceremony and the reception short.
  6. Choose fresh colors – Dark and heavy tones will make everything feel warmer. Prefer light and pastel colors such as yellow, blue or coral.
  7. Pick up airy fabrics – Groom, bride, bridesmaids: stick to light fabric. Sweaty newlyweds do not make chic wedding photography.
  8. Choose light dinner – if you are having a beach wedding, prefer fresh salad, seasonal veggies, grilled fish or chicken.
  9. Serve ice cream for your beach wedding to wow your guests – have your caterer create summer-friendly treats like ice cream or popsicles.
  10. Make the right choice for your hairstyle – Pull your hair off your face to stay fight the humidity and stay cool.

Ready to rock your summer wedding ? 

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