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Sunset wedding photos
Jun 06

Why prefer wedding photos at sunset?

Sunset wedding photography is one of my favorites. The light is soft and somehow glowy, allowing perfect photos of the bride and groom. Wedding photos are guaranteed to be outstanding when they are captured at sunset. Photographers name it the golden hour. At sunset, the temperature starts dropping and everyone feel a lot more relaxed, comfortable and cooler. The magnificent hues of purple, pink and orange bring about a romantic atmosphere. If you are planning to capture your wedding photos at sunset, you then have to consider the time of your ceremony. Perfect timing is critical if you want to benefit from the golden light. What I love most about sunset photos is how the beauty of nature is transformed into a work of art.

The sun takes some time to set, it just does not happen in a single second. The sky will change color at varying times throughout the sunset. The timing being the trickiest part of the wedding, it is important to think over it. If you are planning a beach wedding or an outdoor one, you may want to consider having it mid or late afternoon, two or three hours before sunset time. A wedding planner can help you go through a proper wedding day timeline. Looking up the sunset time of your wedding day may also help the bride and groom to decide on the perfect time. Time your photo session with the nature’s schedule. If your wedding is scheduled too early or too late, you will miss the best part of sunset photography. For this reason, go look up the approximate sunset time on the internet. 

In summer days, sunset photos are easier because days are longer. Lighting is everything when it comes to sunset wedding photos. You might be the most beautiful newlyweds but if the lighting is not the right one, you will end up with dull photos. A professional photographer will always take advantage of the golden hour which is simply the last hour of light before sunset and the 15 minutes following same.  He will go research about the sunset time and search for the best spot within your location in accordance with the lighting. During the golden hour, the sun is low, the sky turns into magnificent colors and magical imagery can be produced. Are you planning a destination beach wedding in Mauritius?  I highly recommend a sunset photo session. Contact me if you want to bring the most romantic feel to your wedding day through sunset photos.

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