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Essential wedding photos
May 20

Wedding photos not to be missed

Wedding photography is priceless for newlyweds. They all want their special moments to be well-documented and the photos to tell the story. Make sure your photographer catches all the right moments by going through the below checklist with him. You might want him to capture every single moment of your day but sometimes it just is not possible to snap every single minute of this special day. In order to avoid disappointment, you might want to go through some essential wedding photos you would like to have on your wedding. Make sure you share them with your photographer before the big day. Here are photos considered as essential by most brides.

  1. Getting ready –From doing your hair and make up to putting on your dress, this is going to be a fun moment.
  2. Dress – Hang up your dress and allow your photographer to snap it before putting it on. You might want to do same for your bridesmaids’ dresses.   
  3. Parents – Make sure your photographer is here whenever you are with your parents. You might want to have a photo of your mum helping you to put on your necklace, your dad helping you with the veil or both of them seeing you in your wedding dress. It’s all about the emotions.
  4. Bride & Bridesmaids – A wedding is incomplete without them. Get a photo of you together. You can send it to the girls after the wedding, they will love it.
  5. Selfie – It’s common now. Grab your phone and have a selfie with your bridesmaids. Have your photographer snap this selfie moment.
  6. Flower girls – Just because they are so cute and you can get some funny photos of them.
  7. First look – Traditions have evolved. Couples tend to have their first look before walking down the aisle. This is one of the rare moments where you are just the two of you on your wedding day.
  8. Walking down the aisle – This is the highlight of your day. You will look back and remember how happy, nervous and excited you were.
  9. Face of the husband to be – He might be smiling, he might be crying. It’s going to be without any doubt emotional. You will want to remember his face while you walked down the aisle.
  10.  I Do’s and you may kiss the bride moment – Get your photographer to take close-up photos during vows exchange, especially during the ‘I do’ and the first kiss as husband and wife.
  11.  Three generations – Commemorate 3 generations of weddings in your family. Get your photographer to snap the wedding rings of your mother, grandmother and yourself.
  12.  Throwing flowers – Get photos of you and your new husband while your guests and flower girls are throwing flowers on you.
  13.  First Dance - A classic photo of you and your husband dancing together as a couple. Make your photo album complete.
  14.  Details – Details also matter. They are often found in your deco: colors, flower arrangements, table setting. So much efforts and time have been put into them.
  15.  Speech – They can be funny or tear-jerking. Grab the emotions or even consider a video so you can re-live the moment.
  16.  Just married – A classic one but a worthy one. Ask your photographer to get you a just married ‘banner’ to hold in some photos or just have it fixed on your car. 

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