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Beach themed Wedding
Jul 27

Ideas for an unforgettable beach themed wedding

You consider the beach to be the perfect setting for your wedding? It can be the perfect way to tie the knot while celebrating your love of nature with the most important people in your life. You might be planning a destination wedding by the beach or be saying your vows in a special venue close to home with the beach as main theme. Here are some tips that will assure an unforgettable, unique and authentic beach themed wedding.

First of all, I recommend hiring a professional photographer familiar with the lighting techniques if you are having your wedding right by the beach. He will have to know how to make use of the natural light.  If you are going for a destination beach wedding, I also recommend hiring a planner that will take care of the unforeseen logistics and sticky situations of a beach wedding.  Contact me for best deals.

What is the first thing you do when you reach your favorite beach? Take off your shoes, right? You might want to do same for a beach themed wedding. Encourage your guests to do so. Coming to the ceremony in traditional high heels is not a fun idea. If you want your feet to look even more beautiful, try the barefoot sandals.

Beach themed weddings often inspire some DIY. Every wedding actually needs a little of DIY. It’s easy and inexpensive. For your beach wedding, you can for example, create your own deco by purchasing very cheap plastic sea animal toys and grab a spray can of paint for an effective deco. You can also create your own beach themed signs to guide your guests; examples: shoes here, vows there, love everywhere.

Don’t forget the beach themed wedding cake. Your big day will not be complete without it. You can choose to add edible sand, shells, starfish and pearls to it.

Finally and most importantly, inform your guests about your beach themed wedding through an original invitation, just like a message in a bottle. 

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