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Look at your best in your wedding photos
May 10

How to look good on your wedding day ?

You want your wedding photos to translate the joy and emotions of a special day? Let’s make sure you get the most out of your wedding photos. Planning a wedding can be very tiring. It takes up a lot of time and energy. How to still look good in front of the camera? Whether you are a bride, a groom, a bridesmaid or a guest, here are some tips to look your best on the wedding photos.

#1 A day or two, before the big day, practice the celebrity pose and have some quality time with the mirror.

#2 Smile with your eyes to stay natural and comfortable.

#3 Be careful about your cosmetic touches. Orange-y make up is not always a good choice when it comes to looking photogenic. The camera tends to go a little crazy when picking up orange and yellow.

#4 Adopt a good posture, stand up right. The better posture you adopt, the thinner you will look.

#5 Laugh out loud – that’s the way to go. Do not underestimate the beauty of laughing. If you have a hard time laughing in front of cameras, you might just want to let out a forced ‘haha’ and keep going with it until you laugh at your own silliness.

#6 Forget the camera. Be playful and let out your emotions

#7 Welcome natural light. It makes your skin look stunning.

#8 Shoes are hurting, you start squinting and your smile stiffens? Take a break, close your eyes, relax your face

#9 Think about the moment and how unique it is. This shall bring a radiant look. Happiness is beauty.

#10 Last but not least; be careful about how much you drink the days before the wedding. This will help not to look as boozy as you feel.  

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