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Wedding do's and don'ts
Apr 27

Dos and don’ts – the keys to your wedding planning

You are getting married very soon and it seems like so many things are happening at the same time? For a smooth planning journey, it is important for brides-to-be to take some time to simply envision your big day; how do you want it and what can you do to reach your goal? Questions are a very essential part of the wedding planning. Take time to reflect on simple question such as ‘What emotions do you want your guests to take away? What is very and less important things to you?’ To help you stay focused, work on your own master list of ‘I do’ and ‘I don’t’; there’s so much of them along the way. Here are the top wedding dos and don’ts which to me are important to keep in mind.


Dos to include in your master list

  • 1. Your wedding has to reflect your personalities

You want your special day to be uniquely yours. For this reasons, make sure that all elements reflect you and your future husband’s personalities. For example, bring personal touches to your deco, food and guests gifts.

  • 2. Do have a hair and makeup style which looks like you

The bride, more than the groom, wants her wedding day to be perfect, overly perfect. You can also choose to be you with a touch of upgraded glamour, but yet simple. Make sure you communicate who you are and what you want to your hair dresser and make-up artist.

  • 3. Do practice walking in your shoes

Before the wedding, make sure you do a few chores around the house in your wedding shoes, in order to be comfortable on your celebration day. Of course, you will have to make sure that you do this when your fiancé is not home.

  • 4. Do go straight to the point with your vendors

It is important to be upfront with your vendors about the dos and don’ts at your wedding. As a professional photographer, I like it this way. You might want to give a ‘don’t play’ list to your DJ or must have photos to your wedding photographer.  You will end up happier, so shall they.

  • 5. Do remember thank you notes

After the wedding or even before the big day, remember to send thank you notes to families, friends and vendors who made this wedding planning and your special day just perfect. You loved the photo session? Let your photographer know.


Don’ts to include in your master list

  • 6. Don’t forget to eat on the wedding day.

Whether before the ceremony or during the reception, make sure you keep up with your energy level by eating. You don’t want to be overly tired. In addition, a few glasses of wine or champagne can be dangerous on an empty stomach.

  • 7. Don’t feel forced to stick to traditions

Wearing a white dress, tossing a bouquet and giving away tulle bags full of almonds at the end of the reception just does not feel like you, forget those. It’s your day; you got to decide what will happen.

  • 8. Don’t make your guests wait too long

You want your guests to be merry at your wedding reception. Don’t make your guests wait too long at the between the ceremony and reception. If the gap is unavoidable and you need time for you wedding shooting, make sure your guests are entertained.

  • 9. Don’t stress over small details

You need to be prepared for some things to go wrong. It’s not a big deal. Don’t panic or stress. After all, you will look back and laugh about them.

  • 10. Don’t send live posts on social media

I know, some of you might have been waiting for this day where they will change their relationship status to married. Some also love taking pictures during the wedding preparation and on the wedding day and instantly post them on Facebook or Twitter. This is not always the best thing to do especially if you want first look photos. You don’t want your husband to be to have his first look on social media. Stay present in the moment and connect face-to-face with the people surrounding you.

  • 11. Don’t forget to feed your vendors

Your DJ, videographer, photographer will be up on their feet for 5 to 8 hours. You don’t want a low-energy DJ or a tired photographer :)



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