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Underwater photography
Aug 24

Underwater photography

Are you looking for an original wedding photography? Underwater photography is one of the latest trends. Eye-catching, it offers an unforgettable and unusual wedding capture. Even though it seems exciting and fun, underwater photography is a challenge and require some expensive equipment. For these very reasons, some key elements have to be taken in consideration when a photographer chooses to shoot underwater.


Practice makes perfect

Practicing the technique is the key to a successful underwater photography. If you are planning your photo session in the ocean, the practice in the pool is recommended. In fact, the water can be so unpredictable because it keeps moving. Try first with the pool. To protect your equipment, you will need a specialty underwater housing as well as plastic cases which seal in camera, making it watertight. If you want to avoid unwanted reflections from the water, make sure you keep a polarizer. Practice holding your camera steady and holding yourself underwater for a long time. You have to be able to stay still in the water even when fish come around. Don’t be afraid to bring along a friend or partner to help in stabilizing your body so you can hold the camera still. To be comfortable with the water, it also helps to practice snorkeling.


Lighting under the water

When taking wedding photos underwater, you will need a strobe, which is a specialist flashgun, because a conventional flash will not have the power to travel through foggy sea water. You also need to use a low ISO setting to get a nice image. Set it as low as possible; choose ISO 25 or 50 if you have this option on your camera.


Don’t forget to zoom in

For stunning photos, macro photography can be used when underwater. When using macro lens, focus on subjects that are inches away. Prefer photographing in RAW format because it will still remain of good quality after going through the color correction process.

The final result makes underwater photography worth it.

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