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Kids as wedding guests
May 27

Ideas for entertaining children at weddings

Entertaining the children is one of the biggest dilemmas at a wedding. This special day seems for most of them like a fun party day during which they are prettily dress. Some can however find the day long and boring. Deciding to have kids at your wedding involves thinking about how you are going to manage them. Just imagine 20 screaming kids at the reception or on the dance floor, having fun among themselves, throwing cakes at each other. In order to make them feel special and allow a stress-free reception to the parents, here are some ideas about how you can add some kid-friendly fun to your wedding day. Select a few!

  • Allocate a table to the kids.
  • Give up on the fancy tablecloth and replace it with butcher paper or provide them with a coloring wedding-themed book.
  • Stock lots of crayons on it and allow them to draw.
  • Allow the children to build your love brick. Put a centerpiece on their table with colorful bricks.
  • Set up a bubble station.
  • Think about an open bar for kids.
  • Think about having a photo booth.
  • Provide them with disposable cameras and enlist them to play ‘ I spy with my little camera’.
  • Why not a kid-friendly drink for the toast?
  • Give personalized bag full of treats.
  • Schedule a kids’ only time on the dance floor.
  • Hire a professional performer (clown, face painter).
  • Last, but not least, hire a babysitter to help them with games and activities. Make sure they are in safe hands and are having fun.

 I love taking photos of children during the wedding. Whether they are bridesmaids or not, wherever they are, I go look for them and try to capture some funny and cute photos.

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