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Mar 08

Top 10 things to consider for your wedding photography

Photography and videography are the must of all weddings. A wedding photographer will capture your most precious emotions but before making the choice of a photographer, here are the top 10 things you need to know before your big day. You may not have thought about it!


Photography budget

Keep in mind that you get what you pay. You want a full package or not? Make sure you talk to your photographer about your budget so he can suggest ways for you to get the most out of your budget. You may also want to think for ways to save money in order to maximize your photography budget.


A photographer that suits your style

Wedding photographers work in different styles. Some of them might be great at portraits; others may prefer to move around, from morning to sunset, for a day reportage style. It is important to view complete wedding albums of your photographer in order to ensure the quality of his work and style. Does his work reflect what you want and how you want your day to be photographed? Just remember that your photographer should best reflect the essence of your wedding.


Family shots

Do you want any specific family shot? You, of course, pay for your photographer’s experience and expertise but he can only suggest great places for a shot but cannot round up your family members. Assign someone for that.


Allow appropriate time for group shots

It requires some time to track down the main people you want in your different group photos. Because you do not want to have memories about the stress of group shots, assign someone to let your guests know in advance when and where they need to be for the photo. Enjoy and have fun together.


Engagement photography

Engagement photos will not only help to enhance your wedding album but will also help you get use to the camera and be more relaxed and natural in front of it.


Unplugged wedding

Very often, wedding photographers compete with paparazzi making use of their smartphones. This is an absolute nightmare for the professionals. Follow the trend for unplugged weddings. Ask your guests to leave their cameras and enjoy the experience live rather than through the lens.


Have a look at pre-edited photos

Photo editing is about enhancing a great shot and not about fixing horrific photos. You may ask for some pre-editing photos so you may see whether they are skilled professionals or amateurs.


First look photos

First look photos capture the most beautiful emotion of your big day. It is simply a special moment where both bride and groom see each other before the ceremony.


Early booking

Get in touch with the photographer you desire for your wedding, a couple of months in advance. Wedding photographers can be very busy. You are warned!


Like your photographer

Above all, you need to like your photographer because he is the one that will capture your raw emotions. Hire a professional photographer you will be glad to spend 8 hours with on the most important day of your life, someone that will make you smile at happiness.

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