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Jun 09

Top reasons to have a beach wedding in Mauritius

Here’s a topic brides to be might find useful: what are the benefits of having a beach wedding in Mauritius? The island has a lot to offer for your destination wedding.  I am privileged to witness the emotions of beach weddings on a regular basis, and I can say without no doubt that having a beach style ‘I do’ will ease your worry of wedding planning and provide you with one-of-a-kind moments.

In Mauritius, you can expect an exotic and contemporary wedding. From the tastefully decorated gazebo facing the sparkling ocean to the privacy of a romantic dinner on the beach and the Sega dance, your wedding could not have a more magnificent setting and relaxed atmosphere. Various 4 and 5 star hotels provide wedding and honeymoon packages in order to ease the worry of your planning. There is nothing much for you to do; just speak out your preferences and say ‘I do’.  As a beach wedding photographer, I work alongside the best hotels, and I can say that Mauritius has a rich experience to offer when it comes to wedding coordination.

Wedding coordinators will be at your service at all times, listen to your wishes and consider your needs in order to find the right photographer and other vendors.

Why are couples attracted to Mauritius? The natural beauty, the simplicity of the administrative formalities and the efficiency of the coordinators are a few reasons.


Top benefits of having a beach wedding

  • Romantic. The sound of waves, the sun rays flickering in the sea water, the sea breeze, all invites to a romantic adventure you might want to continue for your honeymoon.


  • Extra holiday. When flying away from your homeland, you get to live in a different culture, see different places and relaxed. When it comes to Mauritius, you also get to enjoy a daily swim before or after the wedding, work on your tan and have fun.


  • Different and original. A beach wedding leaves space to personal style. Compared to traditional wedding where you can’t escape the pattern, beach weddings is synonym to original wedding.


  • Guest list is shorter. There’s some freedom in choosing a destination wedding. Think about it … A traditional wedding implies having guest that you may not have seen since ages or know, like your great uncle from your mum’s aunt’s side and her brother, children… When choosing Mauritius, you choose to have an intimate wedding, in a secluded area. A destination wedding is a perfect explanation for not inviting everyone.


  • Worry less. You won’t have 200 guests, you are helped by the resort, put in contact with the best vendors, has plenty of time to unwind, get enough sleep, enjoy a priceless setting, unwind in the most peaceful atmosphere.


I say YES to a beach wedding. How about you ? 

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