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Oct 04

Black and white photography: bringing colors to your wedding day

Those who met me personally or work alongside me will know that I absolutely love black and white photography, more precisely black and white wedding photography. It conveys a very classic and timeless mood and provides one of the best effects to tell the story of your wedding day. As a wedding photographer, I aim at producing beautiful and evocative photos that will undoubtedly stand the test of time.

I am, however, not limited to black and white when it comes to wedding photos. There is of course a place for colorful ones. Colors play an important role in a wedding day; it is therefore great to highlight them in the pictures. However when it comes to raw emotions or human contact, I tend to look at the image from a black and white photography point of view. Famous world class photographers told stories and made history with their black and white photography. Why prefer B&W photos for your special day?

Black and white photos help stay focus by removing distraction colors often cause. They are always emotive and known as story-telling photography. As a wedding photography, I make sure that the photos that I capture are well exposed, have good story-telling elements and make use of the light. The moment, the light and the composition are elements I strive to include in my black and white photos. Shape, form and light will help viewers to focus attention on the various points of interest in the picture.

At the end of the day, the image not only has to speak to me but also to the bride and groom. I want to see raw emotions when looking at a wedding photo and I want the husband and wife to look back in 50 years and be reminded of genuine and spontaneous moments and people that unfolded at their wedding. Black and white photos are famous for their ability to remove imperfections.

Are you looking for a black and white wedding photographer? I would love to hear from you. Contact me to keep the memories of your wedding day alive. 

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