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Mauritius Best Wedding Destination
Mar 18

Mauritius bestowed as best wedding and honeymoon destination

From 2012 to 2014, Mauritius has been awarded as the best wedding destination at the World Travel Awards, a ceremony rewarding firms striving in the tourist sector around the world. Can same be expected in 2015? There are reasons to believe so.

Commonly called the Paradise Island because of its warmth, beauty and white sandy beaches, Mauritius has in 2014 obtained 8 awards for the Indian Ocean region award ceremony. From best wedding and honeymoon destination to leading airline and dive destination, the island is ideal for married couples looking for a blissful getaway. Earlier in 2014, Air Mauritius and the SSR International Airport were also rewarded by Skytrax, an airline reviewing company in the UK.

Mauritius offers various opportunities for to be married couples. Beach weddings are becoming very popular. Wedding ceremonies are held in a heavenly backdrop, where sparkling water and magnificent mountains offer a breathtaking scenery. Elie Bernager, beach wedding photographer, makes sure to capture the uniqueness of Mauritius and the newlyweds. Creating the dreams of happy, stylish and elegant people, this professional fashion and wedding photographer, blends humor and spontaneity. Enjoy an unforgettable wedding photo session and a lifetime memory of your special day.

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