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Mauritius romantic destination
Jan 09

Mauritius: most exotic and romantic destination

Mauritius welcomes each year millions of people who choose to get married on the island. Heavenly location with outstanding nature and cultural charm, Mauritius is the perfect hideaway for a memorable event. Romantic, exciting and generous, Mauritius has become in 2015 the most sought after destination for weddings. The beautiful sceneries is an invitation to unparalleled wellness. Choosing Mauritius to get married, to embrace your honeymoon or renew your vows, is the guarantee of an unforgettable experience. 

The island also offer prestigious resorts, be it by the beach or in a secluded region, allowing you a relaxing stay. Beachcomber and LUX hotels are the most famous hotel groups welcoming a large number of persons wishing to get married by the beach. In April 2014, Mauritius was recognized the most sought after exotic destination by the British. 

Besides the paradisiacal nature and its romantic hotels, Mauritius also offers the services of world-class photographer, specialized in beach weddings. Elie Bernager, French photographer living in Mauritius, will capture the true essence of your unforgettable day and share with you of the joy of this special day. Very creative, he leaves plenty opportunity to spontaneity and hates posed pictures. Capture the most romantic moments of your life by hiring a professional photographer. 


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